6 Amazing Reasons Why Farting Is Great For The Body
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6 Amazing Reasons Why Farting Is Great For The Body


Reasons Why Farting Is Great For The Body

Farting popularly known in the Nigerian lingua as ‘mess’, is the way the internal organs ‘exhale gas’. There are several places where gas can come out from; the mouth, the nostrils and the ‘but hole’. And where there’s no farting the internal organs will not be in great shape or continue to function as they are supposed to.

There are reasons to have a great fart when the pressure to release the gas calls:

1. It Feels Good

Holding the gas can make you snappy and irritable. If you are at a public place, you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and do it quietly.

We’ve all been in that situation, and it is not comfortable at all. Feel free to do it at least when you’re at home. It really does feel good.

2. Eases Abdominal Pain

Holding in can lead to intestinal distension that can hurt. So, bear in mind not to hold it in, especially in situations when you start to feel pain which means you have a lot of gases. To help move the gas though your system when you can’t but you desperately need to fart, massage your stomach gently.

4. Farting Reduces Bloating

Do you feel that your pants are tight? Do you feel discomfort when you sit? Maybe you need to fart. Believe it or not, but gas in your gut is the most common reason of bloating.

5. Balances Your Diet

Farts can tell if your diet is balanced or imbalanced. We all handle food in a different way, and everyone has a different gut.

But, if you have unpleasant, strong odor, it’s probably a result of consuming a lot of red meat. On the other hand, if you have bigger amounts of gas with neutral odor, it’s likely due to complex carbohydrates.

6. Inhaling Farts Is Good for You

Yes, this is funny and silly and unbelievable, but it’s true. The University of Exeter made a study about it and found out that when exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas (gas produced during digestion) may actually protect us against mitochondrial damage.

In fact, it can also prevent arthritis, stroke, and heart disease.