Essential pieces of clothing that might help you ditch the issue of ‘what should I wear’

And we all know that getting a wardrobe full of clothes is just a scheme and it does not actually mean that our clothing demands have been fulfilled on a regular basis. Even with a closet brimming with numerous outfit options, if you have ever been in a dilemma as to what to wear, what you need may not be a full shift of the closet, however quick and functional fashion pieces.

Skinny jeans

All right, if you don’t have a pair, do I need to remind you to get on ASAP? Skinny jeans are not only flattering, but in every closet, they have become a classic must-have. Don’t think about a t-shirt, blazers, a pair of pleasant shoes and your skinny jeans, you’re going to look trendy without worrying too hard.


A tiny black dress can be your go-to outfit when paired with high heels for that little dinner event, it can also work just perfect for a customer for a morning coffee. In a dress, you can never go wrong, particularly a black dress! You’re in safe hands, be it the A-line, or the body-con kind.

Heels in black

To make your basic looks come off as being classy and trendy, you ‘d definitely need a pair of black pumps. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a wardrobe full of exquisite evening dresses, or if you wear jeans and t-shirts with a pair of black heels in your office.

Oversized blazers

In order to look beautiful or make a fashion statement, sometimes you don’t need millions. The outcome you get is an instantly stylish look, achieving the cool and trendy look with a retro blazer over your simple office wear or over jeans and t-shirt. By having graphic blazers, double the impact.

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