Interesting topics to talk about with the girl you like

Interesting topics to talk about with the girl you like (ii)

This is the second paper on this debate. Girls, most of the time, are really hard to please. Yet it would definitely be like a trick to immerse them in interactions and watch them play along fully. The proper words to say, though, are still the best.

Let us now suggest some more fascinating stuff to explore with a lady you like, as promised in the previous post.

Ask the correct questions

We Africans want to ask those filthy questions that could get us told off. That could be humiliating. The best questions are ones that would be open-ended and give you a great opportunity to hear the “plot” she has to tell by spilling her heart on you.

Always immerse her in conversations

Don’t be the one boasting and jesting at all times; let her in. When you always ask her to say something, you always make a girl special. You’ll get a spot in her heart by doing this.

Know what she’s involved in and talk to her about them

It can often be incredibly hard to know what a girl is interested in, particularly for those guys who are reserved. But another great way to get in touch with her heart is when you take the time to see what a girl is involved in and chat about these stuff more thoroughly. Keep in mind that girls are involved in several things.

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