Things You Need to Know About Morning Erection
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Things You Need to Know About Morning Erection

Waking with an erection is normal and common among men, but does a lack of morning wood suggest erectile dysfunction? The presence of nighttime erections still remain an important indicator of how your entire body is functioning.

In fact, a healthy man should expect to get hard three to five times per night, says Dr. Köhler.

Erections are a part of the normal sleep cycle and occur multiple times during the night. The body gradually goes through different stages of sleep, from Non-REM sleep to deep sleep. This cycle occurs 4-5 times in the night. As you enter REM sleep, you not only dream, but your body also goes through some physiological changes. One of these changes involves the shutting off your neurotransmitters in an effort to regulate your body and prevent you from acting out your dreams. They are caused by low levels of norepinephrine.

Don’t worry, morning erections are healthy!

This extra oxygentaion helps the organ repair itself and maintain functionality. So morning erections shouldn’t be a cause of worry. It’s just that one tends to wake up during the REM stage and witness the effect of sleep on the body.

What Does It Mean Not To Wake Up With A Morning Erection?

Men may not wake with an erection if they’re not coming out of REM sleep at that time. Wakefulness is often preceded by lighter stages of sleep when erections do not occur. It’s also possible to have REM without having an erection. A lack of morning erections may also be a sign of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.