Weird habits women have that men don’t understand

Weird habits women have that men don’t understand

Women are absolutely spectacular beings. They’re very good at doing things, even stuff that haven’t been done. They know how to make big things happen, and they are still able to take chances, and other men are afraid to take risks in their lives.

However, we should all accept that there is still a mystery behind every curtain.

Men are, most of the time, not very happy with women — for a few reasons. This is because of some of the crazy stuff they’re doing.

Ladies, I know that so many of you are always worrying about the odd things you’re doing that make certain men say something even without speaking a word.

You lament that you don’t have any clothing

Women will buy garments for Africa! They just like to put on the new stuff, because they’re not bored of shopping. They will still complain of a lack of clothing, though in a true sense, their closet is overflowing with a lot of garments.


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Often ask your man to drive you out of here.

This is particularly true if the lady doesn’t know how to cook at home or is lazy, so to speak. The guy sees a waste of money going out for a few — and it really is.

You’re bringing more things

Whenever you go out with your man, it’s either he ‘s helping you hold your bag or you’re using it to suffocate him — all in the name of “make up again later.” There’s nothing palpable in the package, however “girls” lipstick and other stuff.

Check shopping pages and websites

Ladies tend to swipe on Facebook pages looking at various African or Nigerian clothing , shoes, and food. But at the end of the day, after spending a lot of time and details, they’re not going to order a single item. This is odd, too, to guys.

Take too long to cover up

It’s still annoying too many men. Imagine sitting quietly for a couple of hours only because a kid is waking up. Isn’t it strange? Absolutly!

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